Landscape Irrigation Projects

By Expert Irrigation Consultants


Our Clients don't risk their money - they want things done right.

Your urban green space delivers an array of benefits and water is an essential component of keeping it healthy. Water is our work and
there's a better way to irrigate, without compromising your budget or high performance.

Landscape Irrigation Projects 

By Recognized Industry Experts


Because You shouldn't have to choose between price and high performing irrigation.

We're the leading specialist provider of tools and resources for high performance irrigation as well as water systems.  In other words - Our clients value our services and don't pay for someone to learn on their projects! From our customized design, project and water management.


You significantly benefit from better measures, protocols and systems that

  • Reduces your irrigation system installation costs
  • Decreases exposure to vandalism
  • Optimizes your  infrastructure investment
  • Saves you water and energy costs
  • Decreases your operating costs
  • Saves you time and money through automation
  • Lower your system maintenance costs
  • Gives you the power to control your system
  • Decreases your risk


You save money and resources because we're focused on doing the right thing at the right time.

We're experts that have extensive on-site experience so we:

  • Meet your budget and timeline schedules
  • Avoid design and hydraulic errors
  • Incorporate and balance both your capital expenditure costs and Operational Savings
  • Maximize Your ROI - through better design, installation, maintenance and management


Together with efficient, flexible design and project work we also incorporate:

  • Alternative water sources to further safeguard your water supply
  • Access to all types of irrigation systems that best suit your project location: eg drip, sprinkler, rain water, recycled water etc.
  • Efficient, reliable irrigation powered by the latest technology and methods


So, You simply can’t afford to be without water!

Find out how we can help you treat, recycle and secure your supply.