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Water Wise Irrigation Works

The Water Wise irrigation system and schedule achieves 90% reduction in water use. Also, the combination of both drought tolerant planting and excellent mulching, results in thriving landscape.  The pressurised drip irrigation system further controls  and emitts water from a dripper.  The irrigation water meter then measure all water volume.



  • Thirsty rats were thwarted. So, instead of them drinking and gnawing at the drip pipe- we put out water bowl for their drinking pleasure.
  • Also the infamous strong winds, referred to as “The Cape Doctor”, sees crazy  wind gusts lash the city. Heavy mulch deeply covers the drip pipe to prevent it becoming a casualty. The covering has the added benefit of keeping the pipe out of sight, and away from vandals.
  • The tallest building is landscaped  on different sides,  each with very different microclimates and  as such required different applications. So each hydrozone area has its own irrigation stations. Separate water schedules and rain sensor, which automatically shuts off irrigation when it rains, drives efficiency.



Currently at 140m, Portside is not only the tallest building  in the Cape Town, but is the tallest ‘Green’ Building in Africa. With its  integrated sustainability, it is the first tall building in South Africa to achieve a 5 Star Green Star SA Office As-built rating from the Green Building Council of South Africa.


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