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Drip Irrigation System Works

Its strange to think that an island, where average rainfall is 2300 mm each year, should have water shortages. However, during the dry “winter” monsoon ( from May to October) the scarcity is real.  This project thus uses over 50 km of drip tube. Why? Well it’s about getting greatest water use efficiency.  The satellite based central control system further optimizes the irrigation schedule. It works on a simple principle- adjust for weather changes and then irrigate based on landscape conditions.  The real time,  on-site weather station leaves little room for error and so water is applied only when needed.


Site Challenges

The Seychelles is an oceanic granitic island with gigantic rocks and boulders. Also the development is built on a reclaimed coral reef, so a drip irrigation system mitigates the challenge of trench digging.

Monsoon Winds affects the efficiency of spray type sprinklers. The Smart Irrigation System tailors water schedules and run times. This meets the specific site needs. The system evaluates technical stuff, like evapotranspiration,  (which is a function of weather conditions and plant type), and automatically adjusts schedules. So, the weather based controller, also only activates the drip irrigation system and the  the low flow rotory sprinklers during low wind conditions.

But you can’t manage what you can’t measure, so the flow meter shows real time water use. Reports are generated and provide water use data in order to track, estimate and manage water consumption.



Eden Island, the luxurious multi-residential development, is located in the heart of the Seychelles. Its surrounded by the Indian Ocean, a few hundred meters from the capital island of Mahé, which is the largest of the 115 islands in the Seychelles Archipelago.


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