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Smart Irrigation Controller Works

Currently, the smart irrigation controller simplifies water management on Green Point Common. Cape Town , South Africa.  In fact,  on-site, real-time weather data  initiates  irrigation.  So, this means the controller automatically adjusts irrigation according to needs of the landscape and changing soil conditions. Non potable water, from the Oranjezicht Spring, irrigates the area.

This data is supplied by a local weather station specifically connected to the system for this purpose. In short, the weather station measures and calculates the amount of water specifically required. Factors that play a role in these calculations are, namely,  soil moisture, rain and wind, slope, soil and plant type.  So, water is only applied when needed and hence helps eliminate under and over watering. The weather-based, smart irrigation controller drives efficiency. Irrigation Consulting | Irrigation Design 

Solving Challenges

This area is a regularly used, public open space but there is also the high wind factor to consider. Both the irrigation design and irrigation equipment spec takes these factors into consideration. The water window available for this large area is very small.  The smart irrigation controller delivers water in a more accurate and timely manner.  Maintenance is also further simplified. Because of this, contractors use a computer in an office to run, test and troubleshoot the vast area.


The reconfiguration and development of the Cape Town Stadium and the surrounding Green Point Common  happened in response to hosting the 2010 FIFA World Cup. This area has a rich and interesting history as a recreational space in the city and is one of the largest public spaces in Cape Town. Besides designing the irrigation systems, Arid Earth Solutions also consulted and project managed the following areas of the Green Point Common irrigation reconfiguration: Green Point Biodiversity Garden, Green Point Stadium Precinct, Green Point Urban Park, Green Point Athletics Stadium.

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