Irrigation Audit

Know your numbers. You need to clarify the issues if you're to solve them!
Only then you can reduce your water, energy and operation costs.

What is an Irrigation Audit?

An audit may include an in-depth review of the site water resources and assessment of the irrigation system's overall condition. It aims to improve system performance and, furthermore, save money, energy and water.

It's also a chance to incorporate water reuse/recycling or rainwater harvesting into your water management plan. This helps avoid unnecessary water use.


How It's Conducted

In brief, we collect site data, perform field measurements, and evaluate the water and energy efficiencies. Then our experts identify any major irrigation system issues. During this process the following may be reviewed:

  • design, technology and efficiency
  • installation as well as system maintenance
  • distribution uniformity, and proper scheduling
The best course of action can be as simple as repairing equipment or putting maintenance protocols in place.

Optimize your Water System, Because it means You  Can:

save money and water

establish better schedules, applications and distribution uniformity

reduce energy usage and costs

create fit for purpose, green spaces

integrate alternate water supplies

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