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Arid Earth Solutions was established in 2006 as a specialist irrigation design and consulting firm. In short, water is our work. In view of this fact, it makes little sense for us to be a passive consumer of such an important asset. For this reason, we prioritize the  active building of water resilience.

In addition to engineering precision irrigation, we help clients maintain landscapes with less water. We do this with improved design tools and technology that delivers equal or better services with less water.

Instead of simply relying on potable supplies for urban greening, we reduce, reuse and recycle water. More and more, we draw on alternative water sources. This may include generating "new" water, rainwater harvesting, greywater or other non-potable supply.

We work independently and also as part of multi-disciplinary teams. Basically, we ensure that the right things are in place at the right time. To put it differently, we bring reliable services, quality, convenience, and reduced  risk and operating cost with the social impact of saving water.

As leading experts we adhere to local and international Best Management Practices. And although we are based in South Africa, we work  into Africa, Europe, and the Indian Ocean Islands.







South African Irrigation Institute Membership    Irrigation Association Membership    GBCSA Member Certificate - Arid Earth Solutions

Picture of Adrian White
Founder | Key Consultant

Adrian White

25 years irrigation industry experience. Having insight into this water sector makes him ideally suited to lead Arid Earth Solutions. Moreover, his solid grounding and on-site knowledge gives our consulting and designs a practical edge. Not only is he is the key growth driver but he also ensures that best practice standards are met. Approved by the South African Irrigation Institute as a Landscape Irrigation Designer

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