Irrigation Water Management

 Measure, Monitor and Manage


Irrigation Water Management significantly benefits Facilities Managers, and Business and Residential Property Owners. As South Africans- we are all exposed to high water related risk and these issues always surface when there is a drought or when electricity and water prices increase.  But it's not just about SECURING WATER but also about REDUCING DEMAND.


Irrigation water management




Benefits Delivered To You:

Below are some of the the net results of proper water management:


Minimizes effects of drought and water shortages
Decreases the costs of energy required to deliver water
Prevents excessive soil erosion
Secures water for recreational purposes
You're recognized as a water steward
Increased property values

Water Smart, Site-Specific Solutions


A variety of tools and resources deliver on effective irrigation water management strategies.  These applicable options are made available to you after an audit or risk and impact assessment.

These strategies and systems manage and mitigate a number of risks such as increased  water costs,  regulations or actual water availability and may include:

  • Smart irrigation technology including sensors and software
  • Performance based water budgets and fine tuned irrigation scheduling
  • Remote water management
  • Water reuse systems
  • Boreholes
  • Rainwater harvesting
  • Greywater diversion and reuse
  • Automatic leak monitoring, detection  and shut off systems
  • Improved water efficiency-  replace old pipes, reduce leaks, or install  pressure management devices
  • Onsite residential and commercial water treatment and recycling systems


You simply can’t be without water!

Find out how we can help you treat, recycle and secure your supply.




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