Efficient Irrigation | Green Point Athletics Stadium

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Efficient Irrigation Works

The irrigation equipment specified and also the design engineered,  delivers the the best turf condition for the athletes to safely use. The area sprinkler layout includes both low flow rotary and rotor type sprinklers. Then water efficient pressure regulating devices on all the valves, as well as, automatic shut off devices helps further achieve water efficient irrigation.

Solving Challenges

Valve boxes are, additionally, strategically placed out of competitors way.  Also, the scheduling is complicated by the fact that the facility use is by day and by night. So, tight control meets the water demand. Low flow irrigation prevents run off on the steep slopes.


Both the aesthetics of the façade and the landscaping  complements the main stadium. And is, likewise, developed in alignment with the greater Green Point Common theme. The stadium offers terraced seating for 5 000 spectators overall, of which 3 500 are under cover and 1 500 are casual seating on landscape berms. The facility was designed to accommodate people with disabilities and is serviced by a parking forecourt with 396 bays. The new athletics tartan track oval was realigned to become compliant with the IAAF standard which meets all the international requirements. To gain optimal use of the stadium, the track surrounds a pitch which can host both soccer and rugby fixtures.