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Subsurface Irrigation Works

In the first place,  the landscape at Cape Town Film Studios benefits from drip irrigation and a subsurface irrigation system that specifically waters tree roots.  Also, importantly, the irrigation system is designed to meet the specific site conditions.

Specialized subsurface root watering bubblers irrigate the trees specifically.  As a result, vital water, oxygen, and nutrients bypass compacted soil and directly reach tree root systems. Subsurface, deep root watering and aeration ensures tree health and promotes accelerated growth. These subsurface bubblers minimize the total water volume required to irrigate trees. This means water loss from evaporation, wind and run-off is reduced.

Soil moisture sensors automatically monitor moisture levels and suspend irrigation when soil conditions are adequate for healthy plant growth. When soil moisture reaches above the established threshold, the irrigation cycle suspends. When moisture falls below the threshhold,  then regular watering cycle initiates.

The  controller  Smart Approved WaterMark™ certified. Smart Approved WaterMark™ is  an Australia’s water saving label for products and services helping to reduce the use of water. The programmed controller automatically adjusts the monthly watering budget for the entire season.

When it rains, a rain shut-off device overrides the controller and the system wont operate until the unit has dried out.

Materials specified included a soil moisture sensor,  rain sensor, a root watering system and drip tube.

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Solving Challenges

High wind and irregularly shaped planters presented a number of irrigation design challenges. Drip irrigation to the planters and specialized subsurface irrigation bubblers were specified to meet the design challenges and maximize the water conservation effort. The proven efficiency and design flexibility of drip irrigation offered the ideal solution to irrigate oddly shaped planters on this extremely windy site.

Regular preventative maintenance ensures that the irrigation system remains extremely efficient.


The Cape Town Film Studios are the first custom-built Hollywood-style film studio complex of its kind in Africa, with state-of-the-art support services. In essence, it’s designed to meet both local and international film needs.

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